Cathy Yan

Although her sharp remarks can be ruthless, her strong leadership and easy-going personality has helped the team? Super organized and loves to roast Kendrew to a nice shade of burnt marshmallow.

Kendrew Wong

As co-captain of the team, Kendrew is the soft counterpart to Cathy’s savviness and is always ready to offer kind words of encouragement. His pastime hobby is to act like he’s baby and to annoy Cathy.

Cindy Lam

Besides the fact that everybody loves her figs and her random stories about cute boys, they also acknowledge her willingness to bring corn to meetings.

Melanie Law

She loves to harass Kendrew and share her homemade cookies. She is one of the future captains of BIOMOD 2019-2020, and is ready to assert her dominance over the new members with her puns. 

Immanuel Abdi

Carries a fountain pen and a Tesla car around which makes him one of the boujee-est people you’d have ever met, despite also carrying around a broken laptop. He’s one of the future captains of BIOMOD 2019-2020, so good luck.  

Nicole Rzhemovskiy

Popular grandma of the group. Has the best juicy stories to tell and all about that healthy diet. Is always ready to bougie down at the atriums of the LSI building. Have junk food and math problems and don’t know what to do with them? Dangle them in front of her face to tempt her.

Al Rohet Hossain

Don’t judge a book by its cover. He may be short but he definitely does not fall short within expectations when in the lab or presenting during conferences. He’s a real trooper when it comes to committing long, late hours at the lab to finish an experiment.

Justin Chhuor

He’s the quiet guy but his actions speak louder than words. His commitment and his drive are highly dependent on the food offered at meetings. You know you’ve acquired a hard-worker once you have set a bag of snacks in front of him.


Stephanie Nguyen

The meme queen and jokester of the group. She can animate blood cells, code web elements, run gels, all while running an iconic BIOMOD meme page. A serious all-rounder that doesn’t take herself seriously.

Maple Lei

Maple Lei, also goes by “mapo”, like “mapo tofu”. Loves everyone. Need a friend? She will be ur frand. When Maple is not working feverishly in the lab or on assignments, she shrinks back into her condensed natural form. A tofu. Her artwork is much uwu.

Janelle Cheung

She’s a real pioneer of the website and video section for BIOMOD. Who needs a boyfriend to pick you up when you got Janelle and her cool car? Just make sure to hold on to the car handle when she goes over the speed bumps cause she’s a speedy one.

Tylo Roberts

He’s the type to casually eat a carrot whilst engaging in conversation. Yes, he’s that kid. If you see something red in the distance, that’s Tylo, not a tomato. As a questionably loyal member, he divides his excess intelligence and industrial efforts between BIOMOD and IGEM.

Rajeshwar Lally

Chose Pepsi over BIOMOD? He’s a dehydrated boi who needs his daily dose of H2O, so make sure he’s always carrying a giant bucket of it. He’s a fun, light-hearted guy who you can always rely on for presentations and to bust a laugh.

Arpan Grover

You never know when he’s going to pop up. Is he going to attend this week’s meeting? Who knows? It is roulette that nobody really bothers to play.

Karen Li

Is the gifted hand of the group because the artwork on the website was done by none other than the art goddess herself. Her long virtuous hair is always on fleek.

Ivy Lee

Ivy is a fourth year in Microbiology and Immunology.  She helped make artwork for our video and ran experiments in the lab.  

Ella Sit

Ella is in third year Biomedical Engineering.  She helped coordinate our various social media platforms to help get our project out there.  

Ashini Dissanayake

Ashini is a fourth year student in Biochemistry.  She helped come up with project ideas in the early design process and planned experiments.  

Jake Moersch

Jake is a third year in the bioinformatics stream of Biomedical Engineering.  He provided us access to his lab and helped us culture our cells.  

Helena Sokolovska

Helena is a fourth year student in microbiology and immunology who helped us do research and plan experiments.