UBC BIOMOD would not be possible without our generous sponsors, particularly ECOSCOPE, StarFish Medical, Juno Therapeutics, IDT, and the Faculty of Applied Sciences at UBC.


Dr. Vikram Yadav

UBC – Chemical and Biological Engineering

Dr. Yadav is our favorite chemical engineering professor and our faculty attache. He gave us feedback, guidance, and encouragement the whole way through.

Dr. Steven Hallam


Dr. Hallam has provided the UBC BIOMOD team with our very own lab space. In addition, he is the founder of Ecoscope, UBC BIOMOD’s primary funder. UBC BIOMOD would not be possible without Dr. Hallam’s support.

Dr. Martin Hirst

Hirst Lab

Dr. Hirst graciously allowed us access to his lab and cell culture space after hearing about our idea.

Avery Noonan

Hallam Lab

Avery was a graduate student at the Hallam lab whose experience was invaluable to the UBC BIOMOD team. He was a great resource to troubleshoot the problems that UBC BIOMOD encountered.

Michelle Moksa

Hirst Lab

Michelle is the lab manager for the Hirst Lab. Michelle not only helped us perform experiments but also discussed our project with us and pointed out many times how we could improve on it. Michelle really steered our project along into the best that it could be.

Rachel Cao

Hirst Lab

Rachel is a member of the Hirst Lab and helped us with our cell culture work. Rachel shared her extensive knowledge of cell culture work with us and designed our experiment.

Mark Hammer

UBC – Biomedical Rsearch Center

Mark is the UBC Biomedical Research Center manager for Mass cytometry (CYTOF). He was incredibly helpful in teaching us about the basic of Flow Cytometry and Confocal Imaging.

Andy Johnson

UBC – Flow Cytometry Facility

Dr. Johnson is the UBC flow cytometry facility manager. He took time out of his busy schedule to help us with flow cytometry and confocal imaging without charge.

Christine Eisner

UBC – Biomedical Research Center

Christine was the one who made our confocal imaging possible. She took the time to walk us through the entire confocal process and  to image all of our samples.

Jennifer Bonderoff


Jennifer was an important part of BIOMOD by helping us organize our funding through Ecoscope as well as logistical issues such as purchasing. In addition, she also organized life science lab training events for the BIOMOD team.